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About CHCS
The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) is a nonprofit health policy resource center dedicated to improving health care quality for low-income children and adults, people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, frail elders, and racially and ethnically diverse populations experiencing disparities in care. We work with state and federal agencies, health plans, providers, and consumer groups to develop innovative programs that better serve people with complex and high-cost health care needs. CHCS

To accomplish our goals, CHCS' activities focus on four priorities:

  • Enhancing access to coverage and services. Under health care reform, Medicaid is poised to serve more than a quarter of all Americans. CHCS is helping states and health plans to understand the care needs of the Medicaid expansion population and streamline linkages between Medicaid and the insurance exchanges.
  • Improving quality and reducing racial and ethnic disparities. Medicaid currently serves more than 60 million Americans including a significant portion in racial and ethnic minority populations. Quality outcomes in Medicaid are significantly lower than in commercial insurance. CHCS is working to close the gap by improving the quality of care for all Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Integrating care for people with complex and special needs. Children and adults with complex needs account for a substantial portion of total Medicaid spending. CHCS is supporting practical, cost-effective solutions to integrate care for beneficiaries of publicly financed care, especially those with complex chronic conditions.
  • Building Medicaid leadership and capacity. Medicaid plays a critical role in the national health system in terms of expanding coverage, improving health care quality, and controlling costs. CHCS is building the leadership capacity of state Medicaid directors and other key stakeholders to effectively manage and pursue innovations that can help lead the nation toward a better health care system for all.

Additional information about CHCS, including publications, tools, and resources, can be found by visiting our primary website,

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